Meet Our Staff

November's Employee of the Month

Samantha Leafey

Samantha has been a Registered Behavior Technician with ASMS since 2019. She brings great energy and enthusiasm to her sessions that helps keep her clients engaged. She is fantastic at prompting and modeling functional communication on AAC devices.

October's Employee of the Month

Brian Feingold

Brian has been an RBT with Autism Spectrum Mandate Services for 2 years and is a part of our Internship Program while completing his master’s program and earning his BCBA. Brian is energetic and consistent with his clients and asks his supervisors thoughtful questions- he also wears really fun socks. He is preparing for the role of being a BCBA by creating programs and materials and we are looking forward to having him as a BCBA.

September's Employee of the Month

Sue Harris

Sue has been a Registered Behavior Technician with Autism Spectrum Mandate Services for 5 years. Sue goes above and beyond for her clients and families she works with. She excels at providing support and creating learning opportunities in the community as well as running programs with consistency. We appreciate her commitment and work ethic.

August's Employee of the Month

Stephanie Mattoccia

Stephanie has been with Autism Spectrum Mandate Services since 2013. She was one of the very first RBTs in our company. Stephanie's dedication is not only to ASMS, but to the clients she works with.

July's Employee of the Month

Alta Howell

Alta has been working for Autism Spectrum Mandate Services for 5 years. She has demonstrated empathy and compassion for our clients, while effectively implementing programs. She has built great rapport with her clients and their families and communicates concerns and successes with the clients' teams. Alta is a tremendous asset to ASMS and those she works with.

June's Employee of the Month

Dylan Albertson

Dylan has been with Autism Spectrum Mandate Services since September and is one of our newest RBTs. He is outstanding at implementing programs and is exemplary in community outings with clients. Our teenagers love hanging out with Dylan- he makes therapy seem cool!

May's Employee of the Month

Lauren Bosworth

Lauren is a Registered Behavior Technician that recently transitioned into a full-time position with us: Lauren is dedicated to the field and her clients. She is in the process of earning BCBA certification and demonstrates her professionalism and understanding of ABA Principles while working with her clients.

April's Employee of the Month

Chelsea Bellamy

Chelsea is a Registered Behavior Technician that has been working with us since 2015. She has found a great balance of being calm yet engaging, which makes her clients gravitate toward her. She excels at behavior de-escalation and naturalistic teaching. It is apparent that Chelsea is always thinking about her clients and brings new ideas and suggestions to her supervisors.

March's Employee of the Month

Alex McIntyre

Alex is a reliable Registered Behavior Technician that has been with us for 8 years. Her experience helps her to model programs for other staff members and she communicates her concerns and successes effectively with her supervisors. She is able to keep her clients engaged in fun and unique ways and she focuses on using preferred activities to help facilitate teaching opportunities.

February's Employee of the Month

Amanda Magana

Amanda presents great ideas and strategies to assist with the success of her clients. Since the beginning of the pandemic, she has accepted a new role and has stepped up to the many challenges she has faced in the past 2 years. Amanda is skilled at building rapport with her clients and their families. The families she works with report that they appreciate the success that she has helped their children achieve.

January's Employee of the Month

Danielle Carson

Danielle is committed to her position at ASMS. She comes prepared to all of her sessions and exhibits flexibility with scheduling. She is innovative and creative, especially when developing new ways to motivate the clients she works with. Her knowledge of ABA and ability to adapt to each client that she works with makes her a valuable member of our team. Her ideas and insight are always welcomed and appreciated. Danielle is confident in her abilities, but she is not afraid to ask questions and she communicates effectively and often with all members of her team.

December's Employee of the Month

Heather Fenerty

Heather has been a part of our team for 8 years. Her vast knowledge of ABA techniques shines through as she is working with her clients. Heather is professional, consistent, positive, and a great team-member. It is apparent that Heather is always thinking of new ideas for her clients: she brings books and games to keep sessions exciting and presents fantastic program ideas to her BCBA. She implements new programs with ease and confidence.

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